Saturday, August 9, 2014

Studio clearout sale

Hi to all of you wonderful art patrons and friends! 
I really do need to pare down my studio and send art to new homes! many paintings were claimed in my last sale but there are a few more beauties which require rehoming :-)
So..I am offering a short and sweet sale in my etsy shop
 25% off all art 
in shop until August 11 only 

Simply use coupon code upon checkout and your discount will magically be reflected! 

code: maudaugustweekend

"Rustic memories"
I have been working on these large horizontal paintings of late and enjoying the 12x36" format!
It's fun to tell a lo-onger story with paint and ephemera and allows for  so much expansion of an idea too

"Oh Lonesome Me"

It was interesting and personally rewarding to do a speak at The Tom Thomson memorial gallery on my life and work (complete with slide show) to a most appreciative audience

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A short but sweet offer..

If you are in the mood for art..and have been thinking about treating yourself to art this is the time! ;-)
I am offering all my art in my etsy shop for 25% off  in honor of the Civic Holiday long weekend in Canada  !

Simply use coupon code maudstarrholiday upon checkout and your discount will automatically be reflected 
Sigh..offer good until August 4 only !

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Distractions distractions..

Summer presents it's own kind of distraction doesn't it? Finally everything is green,verdant,lush and alive again. We had a very long and arduous winter here in South Western  Ontario  and I was conscious of how many days my dear outdoor critters had to endure in their little cabins. So to witness the piggies munching on grass and stretching their short legs..the goats jumping,  and butting each other once more and the chickens taking luxurious dirt baths while merrily searching for bugs-well it all makes my heart a little lighter! I push myself in to my studio in town to center my creative self again and hunker down to some work

-but it is oh so difficult to leave this place on a sunny day with such  small window of glorious outdoor moments!

Roller Derby is yet another distraction! I am trying to devote 3 to 4 times a week to practice to work towards passing my minimum skills test to scrimmage etc with the team . This is a daunting proposition as  I am trying to build endurance and skills on quad skates which require a fair bit of athleticism. It does  offer me something so different than the rest of my life however and an outlet which has been amazing and gratifying  at the same time in more ways than I can express..

I have been asked to do a speak at the local Art Gallery in a week or so about balancing life,work and art..and it feels a bit hypocritical right now and ironic because it feels like the plates are spinning on my head and the occasional one spirals out to smash on the ground-but I have come to the conclusion that maybe that's just me ..and what I need to do to keep my energy flow ..and sanity  (lol)

However I must still make art. That is a big must. Currently I am working on a new video/class for the Trodden Path called "Adventures in Creativity" . I felt it would be fun to share my techniques for breaking loose with collage journalling and how it contributes to a kind of artistic stream of consciousness form of expression when  I am stuck or don't have space to work big.  I don't use pre made collage elements,stamping in my art -and thought it might be interesting for others to learn about my process -and how to construct a simple altered book also .
More to come!:-)